MidWeek Games Week 18

Alright I have been well lazy in the past few days, not that anyone reads this..but I’ve had to move out back to my Mum’s (devo) and been working and stuff. Mad. So here are last week’s MidWeek updates.

Basically I don’t know much about the North Queensland v. Sydney FC match, but I am glad, in fact very glad to say…that the Fury won 1-0. Brilliant. Apparently it was a lucky goal, El-Capitan Ufuk Talay smashing in a free kick that went straight through Necevski’s hands. I don’t really care. From now on I’m only writing in depth about the games I actually watched…so onto the Jetties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Newcastle Jets v. Gold Coast United(2-0)

Alright. So the Jets had a big win which improves their finals chances massively. To be honest the Jets dominated the game from start to finish, with the Gold Coast rarely producing any kind of attacking movement until the last ten minutes. While it was a good game from a Newcastle fan’s point of view, Gold Coast were understaffed and failed to turn up.
That said, the Jets didn’t play brilliant. They did have most of possession and they did get the result but in truth their play was mostly long ball, standard play and not the flowing, attacking style of play we have seen from the team since Francis Jeffers’ arrival.
Speaking of Jeffers, the lad missed two good chances, both one-on-ones and both chances that we would expect a player of his calibre to convert. Not only did he twice fire straight at the keeper, he also miscued a shot from a Zadkovich cross which ended up at Abbas’ feet, but the Iraqi fluffed up his shot as well.
So 0-0 at half time and I was pretty nervous, we should have been about 2-0 up. Though Djite did have a chance before the break for the away side, however Matthew Nash made a decent diving save to keep it out..
Just after half time and the Newcastle crowd were feeling hard done by, calling for a goal when Abbas crashed a shot off the crossbar which bounced close to the goal line. The ball had clearly not gone across the line however and it was a fair call from the linesman and referee.
The game progressed and there was a feeling that the Jets would dominate but fall behind to a poor goal and there were a few half-scares in the remainder of the match from the away side though nothing too serious.
The deadlock was finally broken by the right team though, with Abbas the unlikely scorer. While he has been elevated to the attacking midfield position in a diamond formation for the Jets in recent weeks, he needed to add goals to his game and he delivered with a brilliant effort on 77 minutes. Wehrman fed him just inside the box and the little dynamo smashed an impressive shot past Moss and into the top of the net. 1-0 and fucking loving it…
The crowd was pumped, but then straight off the kick-off, Traore was released and Milicevic made a cynical foul which led to a second yellow card. It was a crucial foul as Traore looked to be through on goal but at the same time the defence had fallen asleep to let the guy through. Poor.
Without any defensive players on the bench Kasey Wehrman had to move back, with Abbas going on the wing and Fiorentini moving into the middle, Abbas going wide on the left.
It was a hectic last 10 minutes and substitute Petrovski settled the nerves with an ultimately well-taken goal on 82 minutes. Wehrman struck a hard, sweet free kick at the Gold Coast goals, with Moss only able to parry the ball back into the box, the keeper then at fault for not gathering the loose ball, Petrovski finishing past the defence from a very tight angle near the byline. A fantastic goal from the veteran, but in truth extremely greedy and lucky at the same time, he really should have crossed the ball into the middle for an open Franny Jeffers. Ah well 2-0 and really fucking loving it.
So a win and a deserved one. Although we dominated, it was against a weakened Gold Coast side and the poor form of Jeffers in front of goal was slightly worrying…Petrovski saving us again. Good to see the defence stay solid once again though and a brilliant win against the 3rd placed side in the A-League.

ps: Milicevic…apart from his red card had a pretty ordinary game, Topor-Stanley putting in another solid performance though. Fiorentini, in only his second start of the season, looked quite awful in the left midfield role, but seemed to step up in central midfield when Milicevic was sent off and Wehrman was forced back into defence. A good win nonetheless though..


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