World Cup No Go

FUCK. Australia has lost out in the race to host the 2022 World Cup, the honours going to Qatar. While many may jump to the conclusions that FIFA are after money and have thus voted that way…

Football is about uniting people and I think it’s great that there’s a World Cup in the Middle East. But fuck, Qatar? While I think there should be a World Cup in the Middle East and it’s great and all, Qatar is not the country that should be hosting the event. Given its size and lack of stadia I think it shouldn’t be the first Middle Eastern country to get the World Cup. Money talks.

But shit. Did anyone see Australia’s fucking Kangaroo video? Personally I was embarrassed by it. Foz got it spot on when he said our presentation focused on the wrong aspects of football. No mention of the man who represents football in this country, the late Johnny Warren, and also a lack of focus on perhaps the ability football would have in forging better relationships with our Indigenous population. Instead some crap about how Australia is a nice place. Disappointing. Yet, to be honest the preso was only a fraction of the decision making process so it can’t all be pinned on that.

While FIFA have gone for the money, especially considering they gave Russia 2018, what else could we expect from the pricks? I just wish I was as enthusiastic and positive about the future of football in Australia as Fozzie.

Update: Fucking one vote, that is a fuckin joke, we weren’t even close. Qatar almost won it in the first round, which further proves that FIFA voted in the interests of lining their pockets. Piece of shit of a Federation. Blatter has to go.


About janekspeight

I'm 22 years old, love football, want to be a football journalist
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