NUFC – Barton Busted, Carroll Call-Up

Joey Barton has been handed a three-match ban for punching Morten Gamst Pedersen in the ribs on Wednesday’s fixture against Blackburn. The referee didn’t see the incident so the Premier League disciplinary commission was able to impose the ban for violent conduct.

You can see the incident here:

To be honest this is the stuff missing from the Premier League days. I remember as a kid watching players like Stuart Pierce, Vinnie Jones, Duncan Ferguson, Roy Keane, Patrick Viera and so on who could take it as well as give it. Shearer was in there too, cause he could take it but was smart enough never to react. See example. Haha. Anyway who doesn’t want to see more examples of this kind of rivalry, who can honestly say they didn’t enjoy it every time Viera and Keane squared up to each other? It was brilliant. Too many players these days are just too soft. Yes Barton punched Pedersen, but it was hardly of the force to make the guy fall over. Who doesn’t think Kevin Muscat is good for the A-League? He’s dirty but he’s gives the League some character. We need more of them..

That said, these days (whether for the good or bad) conduct like the Barton incident is just not on, and he knows that better than anyone. It’s a huge blow for the side and really disappointing to see Barton react badly to an incident. He has been on the end of some rough treatment this season, namely McCarthy’s Wolves side and Samir Nasri of Arsenal but he has ignored it and gotten on with playing football. Hopefully we don’t see anymore of this from a player who is probably the best central midfielder in the Premier League based on form at the moment.

Also Andy Carroll is expected to earn his first call-up to the England national side on Saturday. He has scored 7 goals this season and has proved to be a handful for defenders even in the games he hasn’t played. Carroll’s amazing aerial ability and his contribution in both defence and attack has been invaluable for the Toon this season, as well as last year in the Championship, so it is a worthy call-up. It’s a friendly match against France so we should see him make his debut, especially with England suffering from a striker shortage. Barton should be called up too..


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