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The Jets game against Melbourne Heart will go ahead, with the game to be staged at Port Macquarie, a three hour drive away. Tickets will be free, while Jets members will be provided with free travel buses to and from the game, as well as offered seats in the grandstand. Hopefully the travel doesn’t affect the team too bad, personally I am devastated about recent events. I was looking forward to finally getting time off work to see both matches, but now it’s not happening. The ‘Community Day’ will be re-scheduled for a later date to be announced soon.

Meanwhile, the Jets are expected to offer former Arsenal and Everton striker Francis Jeffers a 10-game contract soon. The former Everton starlet has been on trial since Friday and Culina shed some light on the matter yesterday,

“We are not too far off, if we can come to an agreement he has to obtain a visa which takes four to five days. At best, if everything goes through, we are probably looking at Sydney FC next weekend.”

Culina did however express concerns about how the player would fit into the side, as he is not a target man.

“You can see he has got a better touch than the average player but his fitness is a fair-bit off, but you can only help that if you are training I suppose, but we will make a decision on him in the next couple of days. We don’t want to keep him here for too long if we don’t sign him,”

“Looking at him he is not a target man, and it would require us to change our style of play, but if it meant scoring goals then I would be prepared to do that, but it is a big outlay so we have to feel quite confident he can do the job for us.”

I think this is a perfect chance for Branko to show us his tactical ability and start playing two up front. This will not only hopefully lead to more goals, but could also lead to more attractive football. Last season the Jets were playing some really nice stuff at times and we have seen glimpses of it this year, but too often, especially away from home, the line-up and tactics have brought ugly, defensive football.

Rodolfo Kumbrevicius (Alemão) also arrived for a trial yesterday, but didn’t complete the session after getting into training straight after a 30-hours flight from his native Brazil.
Branko made some brief comments,

“We have tomorrow off, and on Friday I want him to show us what he can do. I’m not expecting miracles. If he can convince us that he can hold the ball up and be a bit of a nuisance in the box, he might be worth taking a risk as an injury replacement for eight or so weeks.”

“He likes to shoot, a lot, but we can’t be too quick to judge people after a 30-hour flight but the reason he was brought out here was he provided us with an option. We are looking at having Brockie sidelined for six to eight weeks so it is a short-term injury replacement so we will give him a few more days to see how he goes.”

I have no idea who this guy is or how we went about getting over for a trial, but hopefully he’ll be in that minority of Sth Americans who actually play well in the A-League…there’s been a hell of a lot of flops. I tried to google him but only Portuguese websites came up.

Update: According to my Portuguese sources he won the Parana State Cup in Brazil, winning the Sao Paulo State Cup in the Serie B, while also getting MVP that year in the League. State Cups are apparently a big deal in Brazil I’m told so he must be a decent enough player.
He was born 13th July 1981, and recently played for Chinese side Jiangsu Shuntian and Batatais Futebol Clube in Brazil. He has played for numerous clubs in Brazil, including C.A. Juventus, while also playing in Portugal, Lithuania and Kuwait.

Alemão apparently means German in Portuguese???

That is all.


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2 Responses to Jets News

  1. Jk says:

    Yea, Alemao means German in Portuguese and in Brasil is a common nick-name given to anyone of white complexion. Take for example, Adelaide’s Alemao. Your sources seem to be very well informed.

  2. Jk says:

    Also, state cups are traditionally important in Brasil, as the national league system is only relatively recent. Previously all the competitions were based around the state federations, due to the large geographical size of Brasil. Therefore, teams like Santos, with its players such as Pele, were playing in the Sao Paulo State Cup — the Copa Paulista, alongside Palmeiras, Sao Paulo and Corinthians. While in Rio, Zico was playing for Flamengo in the Rio State Cup against teams like Vasco de Gama, Flumanense and Botafogo. The other big State cups are in the southern most state of Rio Grande Do Sul and in Minais Gerais. The state cups are contested by all the big teams at the start of the year. After the state cups, the teams then go into the National Championships– the Campeonato Brasileiro or “Brasilerao”, which literally means big Brasil.

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