Newcastle set to capture former England International(s)

The Jets have announced that the LA Galaxy are set to come downunder on the 27th November for a friendly match at EnergyAustralia Stadium. This is massive news as it of course means David Beckham and Landon Donavon will be coming to Newcastle.

With the capacity of the stadium 23,000 it’s going to be real tough getting tickets to this match.

The club has also revealed it will make an audacious attempt to convince Beckham into staying for a guest stint to play A-League fixtures for the club. Although extremely unlikely it could be possible, with the LA Galaxy’s season in the MLS coming to a close and with the player always expressing his desire to continue playing whenever he can. Indeed it could not be over-optimistic to suggest he might stay for an appearance or two, as he’ll be in Newcastle anyway and could make a nice little holiday out of it.

I think they should be approaching Donavon as well, who is a class player, shown during his loan spell with Everton last season in the Premier League, as well as his performances at the 2010 World Cup with the USA.

Meanwhile as I had earlier suggested a few weeks back, Francis Jeffers has arrived in Newcastle for a 4-day trial in the hope of signing him over for a 10-match guest stint. He hasn’t played football since the end of the last English league season and so his match fitness will probably be under review, however, there is no doubt the player has the skill to make a huge impact in the A-League.

To be honest this is way way way more important for me than Beckham coming to Newcastle. Yeah it’ll be great to see Beckham play in front of a sell-out stadium, however what we need to capture the hearts and minds of the Newcastle public is results, and goals will bring results, and the quality of Jeffers will surely help provide a few of those goals. This is definitely more important for the future of the Jets than a one-off appearance from Becks.

Branko has been pretty coy on the matter, suggesting Jeffers played for Everton and Arsenal “but that was years ago”, and that “It’s what he’s done recently that counts and we have to be realistic…the guy hasn’t played at a decent level for a long time.”

I wouldn’t exactly say the English Championship is not a top level, it is of course higher than the A-League, however the player has only made 3 starting appearances in the last year-and-a-half, so that could be a problem. Branko is probably just playing down the situation in case something goes wrong with the deal.

I’ll post a profile of Jeffers shortly, as well as a brief look at this weekend’s fixtures..


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