Just a bit of news from the week…

Australia’s 2022 World Cup bid has received a major boost after Paraguay’s national coach suggested we would be a perfect choice to host the biggest sporting event in the World. Although he obviously has no say in the matter of voting, the fact that Lowy and his team received the Paraguayan delegation instead of attending a football meeting in Europe bodes well. The Paraguay vote is apparently well sought after and crucial to the bid’s success, so it was good work from the FFA to organise such a friendly.

As well as this, it looks like we may have bribed Jamaica for their vote, as the FFA has promised to invest in the country’s footballing infrastructure, rumoured to be around $60 million. Although this is technically illegal, it must happen all the time. So the FFA have again made a good move in securing the event.

The Jets have also announced a decision earlier this week to increase the club’s yearly budget from $1.1 million per annum to a massive $2.5 million. They are attempting to create the same professional atmosphere evident in the ‘bigger’ clubs such as Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory. This includes many new faces in the off-field dealings with the club as Tinkler aims to increase the club’s relationship with the community. They are also making an unprecedented decision to appoint a full-time scout which will be decided with help from Branko Culina. It is a massive signal that Tinkler is in for the long-term, highlighted by his decision to extend his license from the FFA until 2020. The future definitely looks very bright.
Here are a list of some of the new appointments which were announced yesterday..

Edwards made some comments to the media,

“It is with great pleasure that the club announces that CEO, John Tsatsimas has agreed to stay with the club,”

“John has a deep understanding of football and the Jets, and is a strong advocate for the new football structure and community focus put in place to assist coach Branko Culina and the players.”

Richard Frisk will also take on the newly made role of Director Membership and Corporate. He was 11 years experience with Sydney Roosters as General Manager, Marketing and Media, while was recently working with Cronulla Sharks as a CEO.

Other appointments include:
Andrew Licata – Marketing and Media Manager
Aaron Abela – Chief Financial Officer
Steve Watson – Commercial Manager
Neville Bajzath – Events and Ticketing Manager
Tracy Kearney – will join the Executive Team and provide strategic direction and advice to the club. She is the PR Director for Eclipse

More full-time positions will also be filled, with Branko Culina having a large say in the appointments. The most exciting will be that of the Head Scout, a position no A-League club has employed on a full-time basis and will be imperative for the development of the club’s playing staff.


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