Friday Night Football

The Melbourne Derby was played out yesterday night and it was an entertaining match. Although the Heart dominated most of the proceedings it was still a tight affair with the new club getting a 2-1 victory over the Victory.
A brilliant performance from the Heart saw Worm particularly lively on the left wing, while Sibon was a rock in the centre of midfield and proved invaluable in holding up the ball and allowing his team to launch lightening quick attacks.
The Victory were largely very poor, hardly creating many worthwhile chances and failing to take control of possession, often logging the ball forward and asking Ricardinho and Kruse to chase lost causes.
Their goal only came about due to a quick piece of thinking from Captain Kevin Muscat, who was inspirational as always but couldn’t coax a performance out of his fellow team mates.
Hernandez continued his poor season so far, struggling to create chances as well as missing a header he should have planted late in the second half to level the scores.
The Alex Terra goal was an absolute peach, a great cross from Worm coming in and the Brazilian was off balance and converted a classy volley at the far post. A very worthy winner.
The first goal was also down to nice build up play, Aloisi scoring the first goal of the Melbourne Derby, which is sure to be a classic in years to come.
Kruse got Victory’s goal from the Muscat free kick, which levelled the scores at halftime.
I’m glad the Heart got the win, as it will help build their fan base and encourage supporters to flock to their games. The fact that it was a beautiful example of attacking football will also help, as 26,000 were treated to some lovely play.

Newcastle United JETS

Branko Culina has also signed a new 4-year deal with the Newcastle Jets, which I think is great news. They’re obviously planning for the future and for a club to be successful it is imperative to have a long-term coach who can implement his plan for the club and get in the playing staff that will help him play his brand of football. I love Branko and hopefully he brings success to the club. He’ll be given funds for probably the first time since he joined and I think he’ll work wonders. Just start playing Kaz Patafta and I’ll be happy.

Branko said,

“Ken and his team have brought a breath of fresh air to this Club, and it is terrific for me personally to have certainty and confidence from the new franchise to take this team to the next level.”

“I am excited for football, not only in the Hunter, but in general and I am looking forward to the enormous challenge this now presents to build a great team and more importantly a great club.”

“I have a lot of faith, confidence and belief in this team and I am genuinely more excited than I have ever been about their potential.”

Ken Edwards added

“It’s been a long and exciting week for the Jets and we have achieved an enormous amount in a short time frame. Branko’s signing today is the start of a fantastic few months for the Jets, but more importantly for the community of the Hunter. The Jets are serious, we are your team, so get buckled up for the ride – it will be fantastic.”

The Jets are also expected to announce the signings of an International striker who has recently played in Europe, looking at the list of out-of-contract players it could be a number of people, will report on this later.


Meanwhile Ben Arfa has had a successful operation on his broken leg. It was confirmed as a double break of the tibia and fibular and it will probably see the playmaker out until March, however no timeframe has been announced as such. The player will continue his rehabilitation between France and Newcastle and hopefully he makes a full and speedy recovery.

Also great news as Andy Carroll has finally put pen to paper of a new 5-year deal. The local Geordie from Gateshead will hopefully rediscover his early season form and go on to represent England in the near future. He is definitely the future of Newcastle United.


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I'm 22 years old, love football, want to be a football journalist
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