New Owner/Old Owner Comments

Alright so first of to the Jets’ new owner and comments from the old one…

Tinkler has made his first major decision as the main man by announcing a decision to allow those under 15-years free entry to Newcastle matches, in a hope to boost attendances. It’s a nice gesture and hopefully it works in helping the community to embrace the new-look Jets.

He has also moved quickly to install a new Executive Chairman, with Ken Edwards joining the club with vast experience in sporting organisations.

The new era is starting to take shape and the onus is all on bringing the community back into the picture according to Tinkler. Let’s hope the change of ownership is smooth and starts making the necessary changes to the club that are needed.

Meanwhile, Con is not a happy man, and understandably so. He has made some interesting comments, mainly attacking Frank Lowy and the FFA. He has claimed that Lowy lied to him about the FFA sounding out other investors and also attempts to buy his silence.

Constantine commented,

“He could have been a man and come up to me and say Mr Constantine, this is what to happen, but he didn’t. Until I got phone call from a journalist today saying that Tinkler was going to run the club I had no idea at all.”

On the subject of Lowy buying his silence he said,

“He said words to the effect, ‘If you go without making a lot of noise to the media, and John was there as my witness, that we will look after you with the Western Sydney club’. I said I am not interested. I am not interested in going to Western Sydney or anywhere else.”

How much truth we can take from this and whether we will ever find out the truth is ultimately irrelevant, as cold as that sounds. The important factor is that the Jets are being run on a solid financial basis and that the future of the club is in no way under threat.

More of Con’s comments related to how the FFA is running the A-League,

“I am very disappointed in the FFA. The FFA’s attitude has been, ‘Because Con has got two dollars let him use his own money’. Personally I believe every club in the A-League is suffering badly and for some unknown reason all the money has gone to the Socceroos and the A-League is suffering.”

“Frank Lowy should have the guts to say he has stuffed up. To this moment he still thinks the model is working – it is not working!”

There are definite problems with how the FFA is running the A-League and their support for clubs, and as I have said earlier, the only way to solve this is to stop the expansion of the League. The FFA needs to focus on the current clubs involved in the competition and make sure there are no more situations such as at Newcastle. Regardless, I think the FFA made the right decision to install Nathan Tinkler.

Con had plenty of time to find sponsors to assist him with wages and so on. It could be said that Con’s ego and self-importance has been a barricade for sponsors joining the Jets and thus the reason why we have the League’s lowest wage bill. I don’t want to bag the man out too much though, because he has done an amazing job and credit to him.

So I’ll end the subject now with quotes from Branko The Man Culina,

“It’s terrific Newcastle Football Club has got someone who believes in the club and wants to help it go, but in the same token it’s very sad to Con Constantine is no longer involved.”

“He’s done well for the region and the club over the past decade or so, but life goes on and we must move on.”


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