Newcastle Jets situation

It looks like the Jets are safe…for the time being. The FFA have agreed to help Constantine short term in the running of the club. Let’s see how it develops over the next few weeks though. I think a major issue is the stadium rights. The FFA and the NSW Government need to look at the arrangements and organise a better deal for the Jets. EnergyAustralia Stadium is government owned, not Knights’ owned, the League outfit merely lease from the government. Therefore the Jets should be included on this lease, therefore allowing them to gain revenue from alcohol and food sales, as well as ensuring they don’t have to pay the bogan Knights for the use of the stadium. All over the country there is no similar arrangement going on, despite the many instances where clubs from different codes share stadiums. Hopefully this debacle ensures the FFA help the Jets sort something out. As well as this the club needs its supporters to start turning up to matches, as this is a huge part of revenue for the club. So support your local team.

FFA CEO Ben Buckley released this statement today,

“There are a range of complex issues that we’re discussing with various stakeholders and this will enable us to hold these discussions and at the same time take some important immediate steps including ensuring players’ current entitlements are met,”

“As well as providing the club with an opportunity to address its current challenges FFA’s interim support will also provide an opportunity for the local community to come out and show its support for the future of the Club.”

So that’s basically telling the public to get to the games and support their team. So do it. I ashamedly missed the Roar game, a bit under the weather, poor, yes. But everyone should try get to the matches as much as they can. Plus 10,000 is what we need, don’t wait for the team to win. Make them want to win. Yew!


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I'm 22 years old, love football, want to be a football journalist
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