So to the problems of the Newcastle Jets. Well the saga surrounding unpaid player wages is ongoing and there has been almost no media releases from the FFA whatsoever regarding the immediate future of the club.

A quote from A-League Chief Lyall Gorman has been released however, confirming that this Sunday’s match against Brisbane Roar should still go on.

“I can say with 100 per cent certainty that the game will be going ahead…We’re engaged in conversations with the Jets on an ongoing basis and we’re committed to working with them to understand what their issues are and solving them.”

It is rumoured the club owe around $100,000, with a further $50,000 due in wages tomorrow. This combined with the costs for police, catering staff and security for the match on Sunday and the situation looks very bleak. Con Constantine has apparently requested an advance on the $325,000 quarterly grant that is given to every A-League club, however the FFA have reportedly refused.

Just why is a complete mystery, as the FFA have historically helped clubs out when they were close to collapse. The FFA has to bail the Jets out and ensure the team continues otherwise it would be of detrimental effect to the governing body and the whole credibility of the A-League. The Jets are one of only three teams to have won the A-League and have made the finals in four out of the five seasons to date. It would be a tragedy if the FFA didn’t give a helping hand and would be an utter disgrace.

The team needs the support of the public though, and it’s at least one way to get the FFA to notice that this is a city with a rich sporting history, going back to the formation of the Adamstown Rosebuds. We have produced numerous Australian Internationals and are continuing to develop young talent for the game. A good crowd is now needed to reiterate the passion for sport existing in this city. So GET TO THE FUCKING MATCH. Mad.

Branko came out and said,

“It’s important for Newcastle not to abandon the team now…This is probably the time we need the people of Newcastle more than ever before.”

Sweet, from the man himself. Up the fuckin’ Jettys!


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I'm 22 years old, love football, want to be a football journalist
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