Newcastle Jets = In the Shit

The team that didn’t play on the weekend, the Newcastle Jets, probably have the most astonishing headlines surrounding them. The team have apparently not been payed wages for the past month, with the players’ union now becoming involved. Con Constantine has been reported as saying,

“I asked for assistance from the FFA, not a handout, and would have paid back every dollar…Unfortunately the FFA said they had no money in the coffers, and declined.”

It is believed that a lack of sponsorship money as well as ongoing disputes with the Newcastle Knights over their stadium deal at Energy Australia Stadium have seen the club’s finances reach crisis point.
This is all I know right now, but it sounds pretty fucked. Sooo EVERYONE get to the Jets on Sunday, take your Dad he’ll be stoked. I’ll be in a bad way thanks to el Capitano but I’m still going…

As well as this, Central Coast have stolen Paul Henderson from us after their number one keep Jess van Strattan was ruled out of the season with a knee injury. Pricks. So we have gone and signed Matthew Nash. Meanwhile the Jets’ injury worries are improving with Zhang, D’Apuzzo and Zadkovich all in line to play this weekend against Brisbane Roar.


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I'm 22 years old, love football, want to be a football journalist
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